Ginger: Visit 3, Baguio City, Philippines

As Bryan mentioned, for the Baguio City children (sponsored through His Hands Support Ministries), logistics required us to visit both on the same day. Charissa Beth (or Charissabeth, I’ve seen it written both ways) is a new child for me. One of the requirements of the local group is that the child needs to attendContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 3, Baguio City, Philippines”

Bryan: Visit 3, Baguio City, Philippines

The same day that we visited Alnasher, we also visited Charissa Beth. She lives in the same area (Baguio City), with her parents, brother and sister. It is a bit unusual on these visits to have both parents in the picture. It is typically one or neither. Charissa Beth’s father is the pastor of theContinue reading “Bryan: Visit 3, Baguio City, Philippines”

Ginger: Visit 2, Baguio City, Philippines

One of the best parts of going to visit my sponsored children is the leap forward it gives in our relationship. That certainly happened in a big way with the visit to Alnasher. Without going, I would never have learned about the family’s isolation (and even persecution) in the community. The letters I get areContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 2, Baguio City, Philippines”

Ginger: Visit 1, Philippines

I’ll add a few comments to Bryan’s account of our visit with Abby in metro Manila, mid-July 2016. Abby started attending her center at age 8 and I started sponsoring her when she was 15, about 5 years ago. She had only one previous sponsor before me, but had never received a letter. The CompassionContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 1, Philippines”