Bryan: Neighbors, Oroquieta, Philippines

Based on a number of our visits in Africa two years ago, I’ve described the effect on the villages we visit as being like the circus coming to town. Half the village knows we’re coming and the other half knows as soon as we get out of the truck. The crowd descends. Interestingly, we hadn’tContinue reading “Bryan: Neighbors, Oroquieta, Philippines”

Ginger: Visit 4, Oroquieta, Philippines

As Bryan mentioned, we experienced enormous differences between the regions we visited in the Philippines. The Manila and Baguio visits both took place on Luzon, the most populated island in the country. The Manila area is pushing 13 million people (a place where you and your car will never be lonely) and Baguio’s population isContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 4, Oroquieta, Philippines”

Bryan: Visit 4, Oroquieta, Philippines

We made the trip in late July to the southern island of Mindanao to visit Kurt. He’s a very sweet 13 year old. He lives with his grandparents and two siblings in what is probably a three-room home. The living/dining room is far from weather-tight. It is pretty much open air – more like aContinue reading “Bryan: Visit 4, Oroquieta, Philippines”

Ginger: Visit 1, Philippines

I’ll add a few comments to Bryan’s account of our visit with Abby in metro Manila, mid-July 2016. Abby started attending her center at age 8 and I started sponsoring her when she was 15, about 5 years ago. She had only one previous sponsor before me, but had never received a letter. The CompassionContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 1, Philippines”