Ginger: Visit 5, part 2

See Bryan’s posts on our retrieval of Syalom from school (At the School…) and her house (Visit 5). Here are a few of my impressions: Syalom was much bigger than I expected! As Bryan said, she’s probably older than her reported age. I immediately began worrying that the clothes I’d brought her wouldn’t fit. IContinue reading “Ginger: Visit 5, part 2”

Bryan: Visit 5, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Our final visit was with Syalom, in eastern Indonesia. She is reported to be 11 1/2 years old, but appeared a bit older, maybe 13. Records of ages aren’t accurate in some of these countries and people just don’t keep close track. Kids aren’t slotted to grades in school based on age but rather onContinue reading “Bryan: Visit 5, North Sulawesi, Indonesia”