Bryan: Neighbors, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Our final child visit was in Tumpaan, Indonesia. This is a town on the island of North Sulawesi, directly south of the Philippines. It is not a tourist area, at all. Seeing whites in the area is rare and we were told some the kids had probably never seen any before. As usual, our visit to the home became a neighborhood event. Everyone wanted to be involved. I was happy to oblige.

The people in the neighborhood seemed much more reserved than some in the Philippines or at the school, which we had visited a few minutes earlier. But the camera was still very popular! Most of the people liked getting their picture taken. In fact, at several places in Indonesia, we had people request to have their pictures taken with us.

All of these photos were taken standing in front of Syalom’s home. They are either of the neighbors who were watching in, or of kids passing by, typically on their way home from school.

Some beautiful smiles–but a lot of the kids chose not to smile. Such a complete flip from the wild abandon at the school. Their expressions still speak volumes. Especially their eyes.


















Published by Ginger W. Ware

Bryan is an executive vice president and chief actuary for Employers Insurance Group in Reno, NV. He also enjoys reading, driving his 1972 Fiat Spider, and practicing tae kwon do. He holds a fourth-degree black belt in that martial art. Ginger is an oil painter ( and amateur musician currently studying cello and voice. She also enjoys reading, keeping an almost daily journal, and seeing what God is up to today. The Wares met in college at Wichita State University in the early 80s, and married in 1988. They have moved 8 or 9 times, raised 2 wonderful children (Lila and Cameron), and currently cater to 4 cats, Panda, Highwire, Charlotte, and Ethyl.

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